Accountability Partners

Accountability is Key!

During the entire challenge, you will not only be committing to yourself that you are going to eat better, but you are committing to a partner as well. You will be paired up with one or two (depending on the number of participants) other person(s) for the duration of the challenge. During this time, you will need to check in with one another on a regular basis to view each others’ food journal, and give & receive suggestions and encouragement. A coach will also have access to food journals and will be checking the progress of individuals and groups.

You will also need to download My Fitness Pal on your smartphone. Your food journal can be set to share with others by either making it public or setting a password to the journal (separate from your account login password) which can be shared with your partner(s) and coach. If you are unable to use this app, you will need to discuss this with a coach prior to beginning the challenge.