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Hello, and thank you for visiting our site. My name is Anthony, and I’m the head trainer here at Greater Lansing CrossFit! When I turned thirty years of age I began to notice a gradual decline in my fitness. Eating out was beginning to take its toll on me. I gained roughly thirty pounds within a matter of a few months, and was constantly feeling lethargic. It was at this time my wife and I decided to make a change in our lives!

We began various workout programs, and was beginning to see some results, but it was hard to stay motivated. Trying to stay in shape was becoming a chore. Approximately 4 years of fitness went by, and the passion to change became stronger. That was when I discovered my talents as a motivating personal trainer. I found great pleasure in helping others to reach their goals, and that in turn sparked my desire to work harder.

Working with others was the catalyst that turned my fitness from a chore to a desire. I became a personal trainer, and was introduced to CrossFit during that time. I was immediately hooked! CrossFit is everything I want when it comes to fitness: fast paced, fun, technical, results driven, and group oriented! It has been the most fun I’ve ever had while working out and training. This isn’t a place where you come in, plug in your ear buds, and stare at the wall while doing the Elliptical for an hour. That may be good for some, but not my recommendation for all! We strive for change, and a better quality of life. I could go on and on, but will save it for your individual questions. I hope to talk to you soon!

Education & Certifications:

CF – L1

CF – L2

CF Kettlebell

CF Olympic Lifting

CF Scaling Coursework

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Stacey Nye


beachpic1My personal CrossFit journey began several years ago, after four pregnancies and struggling my own to get back in shape and lose weight. I had been intimidated by the thought of going to the gym and working out next to people who I thought were much more fit than me. Eventually, my husband convinced me to join a CrossFit class, and I have never looked back.

CrossFit has been the only exercise routine that I’ve been able to stick with. What drew me in was the huge amounts of support, encouragement, and accountability I received whenever I went to a class. The community was just incredible.

For me, it is the best feeling in the world when I’m able to coach others to do what they never thought possible. It brings me excitement and satisfaction when others succeed, and I’m here to help you in your journey toward better health and fitness as well. See you soon!


Education & Certification:

CF – L1

CF – L2

CF Mobility

CF Scaling Coursework

Bachelor’s Degree – Elementary Education

Master’s Degree – Teaching and Curriculum