Fall Fitness & Nutrition Challenge Requirements

Participation Pledge

I agree to stick with the challenge until the end. I understand that this challenge takes place during holidays traditionally centered around food. I will do my best to make good choices during this time, and if I choose to have a treat, I will agree to log it.

I agree that to win, I must be in membership status at Greater Lansing CrossFit

I agree to track my food daily using My Fitness Pal and share this with my accountability partner and coach. If my technology does not allow for this, I will discuss other tracking options with my coach.

I agree to share my measurements with my coach, and I understand that he/she will keep this information private unless otherwise agreed upon

I agree to take before photos, and I understand that these will remain private unless I desire to share them at some point to show my progress

I agree to choose goals that are attainable within the allotted time period of the challenge


** I understand that I must agree with all of the above in order to participate in the Fall Fitness & Nutrition Challenge. I understand that I do not have to be perfect, because I am human. However, when I make a mistake, I will log it and move on.