Alan Dennis



“I have far more energy, and I feel fantastic…”

How did you find out about CrossFit?
I found out about CrossFit at work. I worked on Coach’s Eye, a video analysis app for iPhone/Android, and the CrossFit community was one of the largest and most active communities that use our app. Some coworkers and myself decided to give CrossFit a try, to better understand the community. I fell in love with it almost immediately.

What movements do you do well and/or enjoy?
I love everything involving barbells, but my favorite movements are: deadlifts, cleans, overhead squats and ring dips.

Which movements do you currently struggle with?
I am currently struggling with cleans, pull-ups, hand stand balancing (not to mention hand stand pushups) and my snatch form.

What’s your favorite GLC memory?
Murph, and the post Murph party. Not only was that a “holy crap, I did it!” moment, but hanging out with the gym fan after that grueling WOD was a blast. Festivus would be a close second.

How has CrossFit positively impacted your life?
CrossFit has had an absolutely enormous impact on my life. I’ve lost roughly 25lbs since starting, I have far more energy, and I feel fantastic every single time I leave the box. Each week I experience the same thing: I see a WOD that looks extremely hard, I get a bit nervous and then I still manage to push myself through it. This is probably my favorite aspect of CrossFit: I am constantly overcoming intense challenges and pushing myself to levels that I would never have expected to reach.