Nirmal Uppugandla

“CrossFit made me love working out”

How long have you been CrossFitting?
I have been CrossFitting for almost 8 months now. 4 months with GLC
What made you want to try it?
My first intro workout with Anthony was very exhausting but addictive. I liked the concept of whole body workout with new WODs everyday to keep you interested as its hard to keep myself motivated with routine workouts.
What are movements do you do well and/or enjoy?
I like working on deadlifts and squats and recently started enjoying cleans and snatches.
Which movements do you currently struggle with?
Currently I am struggling with pull ups, handstands, toe to bar and muscle ups
How has CrossFit positively impacted your life?
CrossFit made me love working out. All through my life I had to find motivation to work out in a gym. I had to resort to personal training to keep myself going to the gym which turned out to be very expensive. With CrossFit, I look forward to going to the box everyday.